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We have decades of experience keeping sets, studios, events and VIPs safe and secure. No matter your security need, we’ve got you covered.

Reel Security team standing outside
Two security guards on location
360 Security
Our trained, licensed and experienced guards seamlessly join your team to ensure success — no matter the challenges that arise — we’re here for you.
Professional crowd control
24/7 cast, crew and equipment protection
Licensed, qualified and seasoned guards
On-call for changing needs and schedules
Movie studio lot
Studio Security
Studios across the US and beyond have Reel Security on-premises to manage access, patrol and take on whatever special security needs come up.
24/7 lot security and access control
Supporting staff to handle needs large and small
Ready to respond to your changing needs as they come up
Executive security guard standing in front of a car
Executive Protection
RSC Protective Services provides highly specialized executive protection officers which are geared specifically for the entertainment industry. After meeting with your client or his/her representative, RSC will offer pictured bios of all of the protection specialists that would meet that client’s particular needs, schedule and budget.
Armed and unarmed qualified guards specializing in personal protection
Ex-law enforcement, military and civilian personnel trained exclusively in personal protection
Consultation to pair protection specialists based on client needs, schedule and budget
Live Events
RSC understands the heavy demands of live events. Our guards are professionally trained to protect talent, assess and deter possible threats, and crowd control. From start to finish, our security support is available around the clock.
Licensed, qualified and seasoned guards
Talent protection
Threat assessment and determent
Crowd control
24/7 protection
Risk Management
Please visit our sister company for our Risk Management Consulting Services.
Safety Risk Management
Security Risk Management
Sustainability Consulting
Sustainability Consulting
Mobile Unit
Our mobile unit can be utilized for production needs anywhere, anytime. Whether you are screening you studio lot for mail threats or testing on-site, we have you covered.
Command Center
Mail X-Ray Screening
Mobile Testing
IP Protection
Black Car Service
We offer a black car fleet for close protection of talent. Our cars are equipped with the latest security features, and our drivers are highly trained to provide our clients with the highest level of security.
24/7 protection
Fleet of luxury cars
Experienced and professional drivers
Commitment to providing the highest level of security
Reel Security team
The Reel Difference
These services work in conjunction with ReelTrak, our proprietary production management software to enhance your overall experience and provide comprehensive solutions including.
Dedicated Client Success Manager
Risk, mitigation and personnel reporting
All officers are employees
Location crime statistics

Our 360 security team includes

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Reel Security Officers
The face of our organization — these leaders are the frontline in protecting production property, personnel and intellectual property.
Supervisors & Field Managers
These experienced leaders manage the team, ensure client and officer needs are met and facilitate the successful completion of productions.
Client Success Managers
Relationship agents committed to building strong partnerships with our clients by offering a personal touch on every production. Client satisfaction is our priority.
Scheduling Team
This team fulfills clients’ needs by scheduling the best fitting Reel Security Officers, while balancing equal work opportunities for staff.

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