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We’re the leading global provider of security services to the film and entertainment industry.

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Our Location

We support shows big and small that make their home in the big easy. We’re just south of downtown and blocks from the river.

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We provide the best in class security solutions.

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We have a proven track record.

We work with every major studio including Marvel, Lucasfilm, Amazon, HBO, Netflix and many others.

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Our technology simplifies your security solutions

We continually invest in our technology. We make it easy to schedule experienced guards, track and manage budgets, and quickly accomodate changing needs unique to the entertainment industry. Our team integrates with yours as a true partner that’s got your back.

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We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured

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We’re a licensed Private Patrol Operator (PPO) company.
Guards are thoroughly vetted through pre-employment screening.
Our internal technology assists in the process of checking guard card licenses are active up to date, meals are taken on time and hours and overtime are properly accounted for.

We’re hiring!

We have a range of roles open as we build our business. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of our success from the start.

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Our 360 security team is available 24/7

Reel Security has a pool of well trained, qualified, and seasoned guards always on call to accommodate the changing needs and schedules of any production. Our onboarding prepares guards with a full understanding of the demands of the industry. All guards are also trained to serve as secondary Location Assistants, helping with directional signs, coning parking, set clean up, and public relations.

Reel Security Officers
The face of our organization — frontline in protecting production property,  personnel and intellectual property. Guards are supervised and supported in line with the needs of the production.
Supervisors & Field Managers
These experienced leaders manage the team, ensure client and officer needs are met and facilitate the successful completion of productions.
Client Success Managers
Relationship agents committed to building strong partnerships with our clients by offering a personal touch on every production. Client satisfaction is our priority.
Scheduling Team
This team fulfills clients’ needs by scheduling the best fitting Reel Security Officers, while balancing equal work opportunities for staff.

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Learn how Reel Security can help you simplify your safety and security needs. Plan, schedule and track staffing in one centralized place with a full support team behind you. Complete this form we’ll follow up to see how we can help you.

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1215 Prytania St.
Rm 250 & 248
New Orleans, LA 70130

Security solutions made easy

Our exclusive technology platform delivers premier security solutions backed by a 24/7 support team to help you through even the most hectic production schedules.

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