About Us

Reel Security Corp. was created by Location Managers for Location Managers. We are the most unique, elite production service specializing in film and television security in the industry. Although we pride ourselves on many things at Reel Security, our on-line location management software is quickly proving to be the greatest added value that RSC brings to any production. RSC boasts the first and most advanced, custom, on-line Location Manager solution in the world; devoted specifically to the ever changing logistics of production, with live guard ordering, budgeting, management, and calendar views, as well as location list and tech scout agenda creations. It is our goal to help simplify the demands of the production professional.


Because the entertainment industry is unique unto itself, Reel Security Corp. is devoted to professional crowd control while serving and protecting cast, crew and equipment 24 hours a day. Unlike most security companies, Reel Security Corp. has a pool of well-trained, qualified and seasoned guards always on call to accommodate the changing needs and schedules of any production.


In addition, Reel Security Corp. understands the importance of your company’s public relations within a host city. Our experienced and courteous staff of guards and supervisors will employ tact and respect while ensuring the best interests of your production.


Qualified with a combined experience of 30 years in security and production. Our vast knowledge and experience is an asset to the special needs of any production.

Our Team

RSC’s highly experienced management staff has been trained with a location manager’s same ideology and take the location managers approach to the service we provide. In addition to providing the best security services in the industry, Reel Security has created the worlds first software made uniquely for Location Professionals. Our historical database helps location managers organize his/her locations and sub-locations in a user friendly interface that tracks guards, finances, and even allows you to create Location Lists and Tech Scout Agendas with a click of the mouse. If you are new to Reel Security please see our Solutions section for our proud presentation of our custom software.


Reel Security Corp. is a state license Private Patrol Operator (PPO) company as mandated by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), which entitles the security firm to work legally through out the state. All RSC officers are licensed by the BSIS as required by law. Additionally, RSC takes it upon it’s self to do complete civil, criminal, and sex offender background checks on all its officers.


Every new-hire must complete our thorough company orientation, including our custom, production security guard training video and written test. All RSC officers are trained to serve as secondary Locations Assists, helping with directional signs, coning parking, set clean up, and public relations.

RSC is proud to be the only security company in our industry that offers its officers comprehensive health insurance. Workman’s compensation covers all employees. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.


RSC are Proud members of Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), CALSAGA and California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI). We have completed projects in Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Mexico and Fiji. RSC will soon be opening offices New Mexico and Louisiana.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our clientele with the most elite security guards and professional services imaginable. To foresee your production company’s needs and act responsibly in maintaining a smooth and secure filming environment. We are determined to ease a Location Manger’s already strenuous job by assisting in efficient and seamless security management. At Reel Security Corp., we pride ourselves on our reputation and the personal relationships that we have developed over the years. We know that integrity and professionalism insure our success.

About The President:

Mario Ramirez, President of Reel Security Corp., comes from a TV & Film background with over 20 years of Location Management and Production experience. While attending film school at San Diego State University, Mario studied writing and directing, winning Best Film at the Los Angeles Summer Arts Film Festival in 1994.


Putting himself through college, Mario began working at the San Diego Film Commission, gaining vast knowledge about filming logistics in a host city. His years at the San Diego Film Commission made for an easy transition into the Locations department for local production. Mario worked in location management for many years at Stu Segal Productions and various production companies in San Diego, Los Angeles, Colorado and Las Vegas.


Shortly thereafter, Mario continued on in production management and producing. He has produced a television pilot, a documentary and completed two feature scripts. Over his production years, Mario found a gaping need for efficient, effective, reliable and trustworthy security companies. Indeed, Mario says that he had never hired a security company that he didn’t then fire. Although he admittedly held companies to high standard, he felt he simply could not find a security firm that made the already strenuous job of production management any easier. Indeed, for him and his colleagues, he found security management and reliability was often one of the biggest frustrations.


It was in 1999 that Mario decided to start his own security company: One that would focus strictly on the needs of production and would work as a true asset to producers and Location Managers.


Mario’s vast production experience and location management background gave him perspective of all the challenging demands a Locations Manager faces on each production; Everything from finding and securing locations to arranging all the necessary vendor support to ensure a successful production. These are not small feats and yet, they are challenges faced every day by Locations Professionals. Mario has made it his goal, to help ease a location mangers already strenuous job and assist in efficient and seamless security management.


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RSC License Information

Reel Security Corp. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company. Workman’s Compensation covers all employees.

Security License: PPO #14935